This is is my seventh entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is back catalog. Here’s a link to Frank’s blog

My Back Catalog Haikus

1.) What picture can I

write about for today’s theme

of back catalog?

2.) My back catalog

for the post is the day that

a sign was ignored.

3.) My back catalog

could be the Jan 1st that the

temple honored me.

4.) My back catalog

was when we celebrated

Navodaya 2018 at HTA.

5.) My back catalog

was when people couldn’t even

follow instructions.

6.) My back catalog

was the day that someone took

a selfie of us.

The following pictures are of the January 1st 2018 or Navodaya 2018 that I was given the volunteering opportunity of crowd control in the temple and boy was I shocked to see that people generally don’t follow the instructions on an sign. For I was holding a sign that had dual messages on it. On one side of the sign it said Please keep moving and on the other side it said silence please. Also on this day I was honored by the temple for my wonderful volunteering service. One of my friends also took a picture of my mom and I when I was directing crowd control traffic upstairs in the Balaji Temple. I don’t think anyone took a picture when I was holding the sign on the side of silence please so I also added the picture of my friend holding the other sign on the side of silence please.