About Me

Hi everyone, Welcome to my Blog! My name is Sirisha Nandini Jala and I was born December 24th, 1987 in Greenville, South Carolina to Telugu parents. I am the oldest of two sisters but I have loads of cousin brothers and cousin sisters who I adore. Hope y’all enjoy reading my blog and please leave a reply!image



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Sirisa! Nice knowing you. I stay at Visakhapatnam.


  2. Hi Indira, That’s wonderful. My mom’s family is from Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad and my dad’s family is originally from the village Kundaram near Warangal but they moved to Nallakunta when my dad was in high school and college.


  3. Rajesh Iyer said:

    Hi Sirisa. My name is Rajesh Iyer. I’m the author of the book ‘Evading the Shadows’. Hope you remember reading it. Nice of you to have reviewed it. Thanks. Since you are interested in this genre of Indian epics, may I request you to check out my latest book, ‘The Mind Whisperer’. It’s a novella and deals with Karna’s last four days during the Mahabharata War.


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