This is is my second entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is city. Here’s a link to Frank’s blog https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2019/08/27/tuesday-photo-challenge-city/

The first three pictures are pictures of Downtown Woodstock and Hobgood Park in the city of Woodstock, GA which is where I live now. The rest of these pictures are of Downtown Atlanta, Underground Atlanta, SkyLine Atlanta, the World of Coke Coca Cola Factory, the Carter Presidential Center and Centennial Olympic Park. All of the waterfall pictures are also being used for Granny Shot It’s Water Water Everywhere Challenge.

Water Water Everywhere Photo Challenge


These are five pictures that I took the last time that I visited my hometown and birthplace of Greenville, South Carolina. The first picture is of Greenville Downtown. The second is of the Peace Center. The tower picture is of the Furman University Bell Tower. The last two pictures are of the Falls Park on the Reedy and the Reedy River. The pictures of the river can be used for the Water Water Everywhere Challenge by Granny Shot It. https://grannyshotit.photo.blog/2019/08/07/water-water-everywhere-photo-challenge/

These four pictures are of the house that my mom’s first best friend in America owned for many years when my sister and I were growing up. I can remember driving from Greenville, South Carolina to Huntsville, Alabama for reunions and get togethers. This house was even where I once had my third birthday party and where many years later during one Thanksgiving we did a surprise birthday party for my mom. I was probably a baby the first time that I ever visited this beautiful house.

These four pictures are of one of my favorite cities in America. My beloved Chicago. I have countless memories of road trips with my parents to Chicago when my sister and I were growing up. We used to go at least once or twice a year. The first picture is of Sears Tower. The middle two pictures are of Navy Pier which happens to be the place that my paternal aunt took my sister and I to when we were visiting family when our maternal grandmother was in the hospital. After one trip to Navy Pier we arrived home to a voicemail message telling us that our mom’s mother had passed away earlier that day. The last picture is of the Chicago skyline during one night out. The pictures of Navy Pier can also be used for Granny Shot It’s Water Water Everywhere Challenge https://grannyshotit.photo.blog/2019/08/07/water-water-everywhere-photo-challenge/