This is my thirty fifth blogpost entry for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Challenge. This is my fifteenth entry for Sgeoil’s Ragtag Daily Prompt on every Monday. Here’s a link to Sgeoil‘s blog https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2020/10/19/rdp-monday-hardihood/

My Hardihood Haikus

1.) Did you ever hear

the song “Hardihood” from Hardihood

by Alisa Beat Queen?

2.) No Kshatriya prince had

the hardihood to antagonize

Bhishma or the Kurus.

3.) Did you ever go

and visit Hardihoods Eatery &

Drinkery in Kyle, TX?

4.) Arjuna had the hardihood

to disguise himself as an

accomplished dancer.

5.) Will you ever watch

the 2001 Sport/Documentary movie

that’s titled Hardihood?

6.) The hardihood of the

forest life in their childhood

gave the Pandavas strength.