This is my sixteenth entry for Debbie’s, Travel With Intent blog, One Word Sunday Challenge
and her topic this week is Two.

So this week’s One Word Sunday is Two. These pictures are of the guys who married two different wives in Mahabharat. I put them in order of age so it goes from King Shantanu to King Vichitravirya to King Pandu to King Vasudev to Prince Bhima and last but not least my dearest Pandava Prince Arjuna! The two wives are Ganga and Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika, Kunti and Madri, Rohini and Devaki, Hidimbi and Draupadi and Draupadi and Subhadra! Can anyone spot the link between the fourth couple and the sixth couples? Happy Navratri to everyone celebrating! May Goddess Durga shower all her blessings on you and your families!