This is my ninth entry for Debbie’s, Travel With Intent blog, One Word Sunday Challenge 
and her topic this week is Arch.

An example of arch rivals in the Hindu epic Mahabharat  is of the two half brothers Angaraj Karna and the Pandava Prince Arjuna. The first half of the Kurukshetra war passes with Arjuna avoiding to go all out and kill his opponents. Krishna becomes impatient and issues him an ultimatum which leads to an epic battle between archrivals Arjuna and Karna. Ironically both Karna and Arjuna are archers. When Angaraj Karna is dying on the battlefield in the tv show Star Plus Mahabharat, the mother of the Pandavas comes to see her eldest son and that is how the Pandavas find out that who they thought of as an arch rival happens to be their eldest brother.