This is Shweta’s fiftieth post for her Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This is my fiftieth  entry for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This week’s theme word is Gratitude.  Here’s a link to Shweta’s blog

1.) Mayasur builds Pandava’s Indraprastha in gratitude.

2.) Lord Rama follows the quality of gratitude.

3.) Karna had unflinching gratitude for Duryodhana.

4.) A Taste of Gratitude and Joy

5.) Gravy and Gratitude by Ashton Cade

6.) Vitamin G : Gratitude by Prashant Jain

7.) Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude

8.) Did you ever watch That’s Gratitude?

9.) Have you watched KRITAGYA – The movie?

10.) Will you ever watch Gratitude movie?

A Taste of Gratitude and Joy is a nonfiction book written by C H Admirand and Amanda McIntyre.

Gravy and Gratitude written by Ashton Cade is a special holiday novella and the eighth book in the Hearts of Snow Lake series. It can be read as a standalone.

Vitamin G Gratitude is a book with the subtitle The Daily Supplement to create a magical Life of Fulfillment you deserve. 42 Grateful Living Practices for Joy, Abundance, and Resilience in less than 5-minutes a day written by Prashant Jain.

Love Supreme: An Anatomy of Gratitude is a 79 Minute Documentary Movie.  This documentary movie was directed by Mustafa Davis & Preacher Moss.

Insipid comedy starring Craven as the leader of a musical comedy troupe. He meets wealthy man Byron in a bar and cures Bryon’s illness with a drink of booze. Grateful for his new-found health, Byron invites Craven to spend some time at his mansion. When the troupe goes bust, Craven takes the man up on his offer and invades the house, quickly wearing out his welcome. Accompanied by Byron’s nice but homely daughter Carlisle, Craven leaves the Byron house for greener pastures. Recognizing that her singing voice is marvelous, but her face leaves something to be desired, Craven takes the girl to a plastic surgeon and has her transformed into a beauty. Her career takes off, much to the delight of Craven, but then he’s shocked to learn that she has abandoned him for the handsome tenor in the show. And that is the Hollywood movie That’s Gratitude for you.

KRITAGYA – The movie is a Hindi-language Bollywood movie that will be released this year. The title of this movie KRITAGYA – The movie means Gratitude the movie.

Gratitude is a must watch Indian award winning short movie.