This is my fifth entry for Debbie’s, Travel With Intent blog, One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Distance.


There was only one person that distanced himself from fighting in the Mahabharata war. His name was Balarama and he was Lord Krishna’s older brother. He was also the first cousin to the Pandavas on their maternal side of the family. He was the teacher to both Duryodhana and Bhima. He chose to go on a pilgrimage during the Eighteen Day War.

One mother (Queen Kunti) was forced to distance herself from her first born son (Suryaputra Karna) because she was a unmarried Princess when he was born and she was scared of what society would think if she raised her son. Sadly he grew up loved by adoptive parents but he always wanted to know who he was. He was told who he was before the war but decided to stay loyal to his friend even though he knew his friend was doing bad things. Karna was later killed by his own younger brother Arjuna.

The distance between the Pandavas and Kauravas was brought about by the brainwashing of the Kauravas maternal uncle Shakuni Mama. The reason that he did this is he wanted revenge for his sister blindfolding her eyes.

Shakuni is also one of the masterminds behind the Kurukshetra War. His intentions include his desire to avenge the insult Bhishma made. Shakuni’s main enmity was with Bhishma, who had brought the proposal of Gandhari and Dhritarashtra’s marriage and death of his brothers and father. Shakuni also stabbed his own leg & vowed that he will destroy Kuru kingdom. Later he changed his vow and vowed to make Duryodhana the emperor of Kuru Kingdom but his oath (or vow) never succeeded.

He mainly worked by inciting hatred between the Kauravas and Pandavas; his plans culminated in the largest war in history. Although he often failed in his tricks against the Pandavas, he never lost faith in his ability to destroy the lineage of Kuru. A far-sighted man, his plan was much bigger than causing plight to the Pandavas; he wanted a full-scaled civil war between the branches of Kuru clan, which would destroy the whole clan, fulfilling his revenge.

By the end of the 18 Day War, all 100 of his nephews had been killed. That night the five sons of the Pandavas were brutally murdered when they were sleeping, making an unborn baby the future heir.