Cee’s Flower of the Day for June 28th is a day lily or daylily.  This is my twenty fifth photo challenge post for the Flower of the Day Challenge and it’s in response to the Flower of the Day Challenge by Cee Neuner. These are the beautiful flowers that I have chosen for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge for June 28th, 2020.

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FOTD – June 28 – Daylily


The first three pictures are of The Star Of India Daylily. The daylily Star Of India was hybridized by Roberts-P. in 1992. Star Of India was hybridized by crossing ((Jock Randall × Midnight Magic) × Night Queen). The color of Star Of India can be described as lilac purple with yellow cream eyezone above yellow cream throat. Semi-evergreen foliage in winter. It is a Tetraploid. It blooms in (Early-Midseason, Rebloom). It’s flowers measure (7.5 in, (19 cm) ). It has a normal scape height of (35 in, (89 cm) ).
The fourth picture is of some All American Daylily Winners.
The fifth picture is of ‘My Reggae Tiger’, a two-foot-tall tetraploid daylily, was released in 2006. Tetraploids have extra sets of chromosomes, which result in plants with larger, more intensely colored flowers, stronger scapes (flower stems), and greater overall plant vigor.
The sixth picture is of the All American Baby Daylily. Beloved by our Dutch experts for its amazing central design and lovely, soft colour palette. These near-white blooms are edged in a soft fuchsia shade, and feature a stylish eye zone of layered grey, lavender and lilac hues. A bright green throat pops against the more subtle pastel tones. Bone-hardy and drought-tolerant, this petite award winner is perfect for pots and borders. Dormant foliage.
The seventh picture is of the Sammy Russell Daylily Root Rhizome Rare Flowers Unique Hemerocallis Plant Bonsai. Fragrant and attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, these blooms make a beautiful cut flower. 3, they do not need special care, once planted, will be free to bloom and spread, so every few years it is necessary to separate, is a vigorous plant.” The eighth picture is of PORTRAIT IN GREEN (Herrington-T, 2014) 26 x 4.25 EM RE DOR  The simple description of this mesmerizing daylily is green with a purple edge. The texture and substance is super with the addition of the veining in a huge neon green throat that glows from within the heart of the flower. Has 6 way branching and 24 buds. Won an AHS Achievement Medal in 2014. Definitely an advancement in hybridizing for green. The ninth picture is of the Black Magic Daylily. Deep dark purple, 6″ wide blooms are almost black in hue and are adorned with a lush ruffled edge for even more eye-popping appeal. These dramatic, showstopping flowers add style and grace to borders, beds and containers in the balmy days of midsummer, and again in late summer to early fall. For a stunning effect, try pairing Black Magic with lighter, brighter colours such as white, pink or soft yellow. Easy to grow and drought tolerant. The tenth and last picture is of the All American Chief Daylily.  This spectacular, flaming red and bright yellow Daylily won the Stout Silver Medal, the American Hemerocallis Society’s highest award. The single blooms measure an impressive 9” across. The “All American Chief” is an early midseason rebloomer with attractive foliage.