This is Shweta’s forty first ever post for her Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This is my forty first entry for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This week’s theme word is Loneliness. Here’s a link to Shweta’s blog

1.) She felt a pang of loneliness.

2.) Loneliness is a very painful feeling.

3.) The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist

4.) Children of Loneliness by Anzia Yezierska

5.) Cure for Loneliness by Jennifer Eden

6.) Colours of Loneliness by Paramita Satpathy

7.) The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

8.) Did you ever watch Thanimai (Loneliness)?

9.) Have you ever watched Lovely Loneliness?

10.) Will you ever watch This Loneliness?

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist, Adrian Tomine’s funniest and most revealing foray into autobiography, offers an array of unexpected answers. Designed as a sketchbook complete with placeholder ribbon and an elastic band, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist shows an acclaimed artist at the peak of his career. A comedic memoir about fandom, fame, and other embarrassments from the life of a New York Times bestseller author.

Anzia Yezierska was a Jewish-American novelist born in Mały Płock, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire. She emigrated as a child with her parents to the United States and lived in the immigrant neighborhood of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She is the author of a collection of stories titled Children of Loneliness. These stories focus on the children of immigrants and their pursuit of the American Dream.

Cure for Loneliness is a Medical Romance novel written by Jennifer Eden. The chance to take up, belatedly, a career in medicine was very important to Polly, if it was too late to become a doctor at least she was now a student radiographer. True, it meant the postponement of her marriage to her fiancé Ian, but Ian was busy with his new job. But would Polly have been so willing to put off their marriage if she had really loved Ian? That was what she began to ask herself when she met the consultant radiologist, Dr. Hugh Marlowe. Yet what was the use of thinking about Hugh, when he had more than one good reason to keep out of her way?

This is a collection of fourteen short stories by Paramita Satpathy. These stories are full of characters that conceal their true persona under a veneer of a false confidence who are then are driven to seek a state of euphoria, releasing these dormant passions in unguarded moments. We have characters like Maya, whose life seems to upend the moment spots appear on her body. On the other hand, for her best friend Veena, life seems to be most sorted. Everyone seems to pity Maya, and she longs to be included, to belong. Yet as the years progress, it is Maya who has created a stable life for herself, while Veena is left wondering where she went wrong in life. There is also Babula, the orphan, who has to bear with whatever abuse Bata Sahu throws at him, in order to survive, and his struggle to break free from it. Prachi, the bride-to-be, who discovers her fiancé’s true animalistic nature; and Ranjita, the new bride who becomes the ultimate pay-off for her in-laws’ greed. For some protagonists, it’s the societal shackles they need to break out from; for others it is their own closest relations that compel them to take a bold step towards self-realization.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner is a 1962 British coming-of-age film. The screenplay adaptation was written by Alan Sillitoe from Sillitoe’s 1959 short story of the same name. The film was directed by Tony Richardson, one of the new young directors emerging from the English Stage Company at the Royal Court.

Thanimai (transl. Loneliness) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language drama film written and directed by S. Sivaraman. It stars Sonia Agarwal in the lead role with choreographer turned actor Sandy, Swaminathan and Ganja Karuppu in supporting roles. The film follows the life of a Sri Lankan refugee woman in Malaysia who returns to her home country in search of her long-lost daughter. Principal photography for Thanimai commenced during late 2018. The film is scheduled to release on 26 April 2019 as a lone release in Tamil for the week, coincidentally following the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka which happened on 21 April.

Amorosa Soledad (aka Lovely Loneliness) was the first feature film from directors Martín Carranza and Victoria Galardi. A girl who thinks she’s sick finds her heart is being given a workout by a handsome man in this romantic comedy-drama from Argentina. Soledad (Inés Efron) is a lovely young woman who runs a design shop with her good friend Javier (Diego Velázquez). However, Soledad has a troublesome relationship with her mother (Mónica Gonzaga) and father (Ricardo Darín), though she does share one important quality with her mom — both are serious hypochondriacs, and while mother actually is ill, Soledad only imagines her own health is poor. Soledad’s delusion and her fascination with various maladies has already led to her breaking up with her latest boyfriend (Nicolás Pauls), and she decides it’s in her best interest to avoid romance for a while. When she meets Nicolas (Fabián Vena), though, she thinks she might have found the right man after all. But is there more to his story than she imagines?

C.B. Jacobson’s movie This Loneliness is a no-budget coming-of-age comedy that excels because of its three-punch directing/writing/acting efforts, manned by Jacobson and supported by a tight-knit cast that share lots of chemistry and even more laughs. This movie is about a group of young men as they tackle their fear of women in a way that any growing college kid would. This Loneliness is a well-acted, directed and written film that bursts with laughter almost as much as it does with its honest sense of realism, thanks to its close-knit cast and on-point direction and writing.