This is is my thirty first entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Travel. Hope you guys like this new post. Here’s a link to Frank’s blog

My Travel Haikus

1.) I love to read the

Outlander series about Claire

and her time travel.

2.) “Travelin Soldier” by

Dixie Chicks was No. 1 on

Billboard Hot Country Songs

3.) I hope to travel

to Europe to visit the

castles and palaces there.

4.) Did you ever watch

the television series

called Gulliver’s Travels?

5.) Did you ever watch

the 2018 Tollywood movie Yatra

(Telugu for Travel)?

6.) Have you ever read

Deanna Raybourn’s mystery novel

The Dead Travel Fast?

Here’s some travel pictures and quotes


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Perhaps  travel  cannot  prevent  bigotry,  but  by demonstrating  that  all  peoples   cry,   laugh,  eat,  worry,   and   die,   it   can   introduce   the  idea   that   if  we   try   and   understand   each  other,  we   may  even   become   friends.”

~ Maya Angelou

“Fifty years of isolating Cuba had failed to promote democracy, setting us back in Latin America. That’s why we restored diplomatic relations, opened the door to travel and commerce, and positioned ourselves to improve the lives of the Cuban people.”

~ Barack Obama

“When traveling with someone, take large does of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee.”

~ Helen Hayes

“Films will break barriers – and good films will travel all over India.”

~ Mani Ratnam

“You develop a sympathy for all human beings when you travel a lot.”

~ Shakuntala Devi

“I love travelling and exploring different places in India and around the world.”

~ Harshvardhan Rane

“I love to travel. I want to do India by road, the entire length and breadth.”

~ Tabu

“I never learned music. I’m quite uneducated, and usually I sat in front of the TV, with soap operas on, in England. It was very inspiring for me, I’d done all this traveling around, I came back living with my parents, everyone around me was like they’re living in a soap opera.”

~ Graham Parker

“I’ve earned my own money; I’ve traveled the world. What would I rebel against? When I haven’t been working I’ve tried to travel a lot.”

~ Emma Watson

“I used to travel a lot as a kid and when I first moved to England I felt lonely and my parents were splitting up at the time.”

~ Olly Alexander

“It  was  in  India  that  I  started  my  acting  career, courtesy  of  my  parents,  long  before  I  set  foot on  stage  in  England. They  headed  a   company  of   travelling   players   performing  Shakespeare  up   and   down   the   land.”

~ Felicity Kendal