I was just on a friend’s blog today and for the month of April she made writing prompts for the 30 days and I chose to write about two of these 1) Pouting Petals and 10) The last olive branch. I hope y’all enjoy my haikus and my quotes. Please comment and tell me your thoughts. My Dear M, I am back! I hope you and your family are doing well and staying safe in this tough time.

My Haikus

1.) Have you ever read

the book Petals in the Storm

by Mary Jo Putney?

2.) Have you ever read

the book No Pouting in the

Dojo by Cathy Chapaty?

3.) The Pouting Petals

lipstick moisturizes your

lips with just one coat.

4.) Have you ever heard

Mariah Carey’s “Petals“ and

“Pouting” by Ben Webster?

5.) Have you ever tried

Ted Barker’s lipstick lip gift

the Pouting Petals?

1.) Have you ever read

the book The Last Olive Branch

by Peggy Hallett?

2.) Did you ever read

the fantasy novel The

Last Druid by Terry Brooks?

3.) The drama film The

Olive Branch is currently

in development.

4.) Should I offer a

last olive branch to all the

people who hurt me?

5.) Did you ever watch

Aishwarya Rai and Colin Firth act

in The Last Legion?

“I don’t ever want to come in the locker room and have players in there pouting.”

~ Dabo Swinney

“Some people are near- or farsighted – I’m thorn-sighted. The thorns on the rose are in really sharp definition for me, the rose petals a little fuzzier.”

~ Danny Meyer

“I always want the last line to be really good, which may sound silly, but I want it to be a last pleasing line.”

~ Elizabeth McCracken

“Liberals would prefer it if the bald eagle on the Great Seal was holding olive branches in both talons, or, better, an olive branch in one, and maybe a soft cushion in the other, to entice our enemies to lie down and snooze.”

~ Mike Gallagher

“In the CoverGirl Melting Pout Matte Lipstick ads, I am wearing this gorgeous purple color called Seismic. It’s such a different shade, but it works well with my face. I’ve got hazel eyes, and so purple kind of compliments it. It’s a nice shade to put on when I’m feeling a little sassy.”

~ Ayesha Curry

“You must be a lotus, unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!”

~ Sai Baba

“My mother had a saying:  ‘Kamala,  you  may    be   the  first  to do many things, but  make    sure you’re not the last.’”

~ Kamala Harris

“Always extend the olive branch.”

~ Unknown

“Contact  lenses  make  me  miserable,  as   soon  as  I   put   them   in.  That’s what   creates  the  pouting  and   brooding  character.”

~ Robert Pattinson

“Can anything be more grotesque and barbarous than our ‘florists’ bouquets,’ a series of concentric rings of flowers of divers colours, bordered by maidenhair and a piece of stiff lace paper, in which stems, leaves, and even petals are brutally crushed, and the grace and individuality of each flower systematically destroyed?”

~ Isabella Bird

“Patriotism is the last refuge of  the  scoundrel.”

~ Samuel Johnson

“Who we really are shows up btw extending the olive branch and waiting to see if it is  received.”

~ Bonnie Lyn Smith

April Writing Prompts