Well it’s definitely been a interesting day. First it started off that because of the Coronavirus Pandemic the Georgia Courts have closed until mid or late April. I just wish that they could have closed after the divorce was finalized. I’m getting tired of waiting for it to be finalized so I can finally get some peace. Plus, the ex is just wasting time. You see he was supposed to notarize the paperwork and send it to my lawyer’s office. He sent the paperwork but unfortunately he didn’t have it notarized. My mom’s reaction was pretty funny I mean she was like it’s not like he doesn’t understand English. He knows how to speak, read, and write English How am I not surprised by anything that I hear about him now. On January 1st this year I met up with some of my friends and they told me something very shocking. He had contacted my friend’s husband and asked him to write an affidavit of support so that he could stay here in America. Fortunately for me, my friend’s husband declined to help him out.

I spent a couple of hours reviewing scholarships for two different educational foundations this week. I enjoy reviewing scholarships and help out more than ten educational foundations. Also got a chance to catch up on a couple of tv shows. Watched a Telugu movie that I didn’t get to see last year. Also have eleven books I borrowed from my library to finish reading. And even though the library is closed for a few weeks there’s always the Overdrive app so you can read books on your phone or computer as long as you have a library card.

The second thing that I have to write about didn’t really bother me too much. I understand why the CEO of my beloved PVH Corp decided to close all the stores in America and Europe. Mr Manny Chirico did the right thing. I applaud him for caring about the health of both their customers and their associates. I’m grateful that even though he has decided to close the stores he decided that all the associates deserved to be paid for the hours that they are scheduled these next weeks.