This is is my twenty sixth entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Yard. Hope you guys like this new post. Here’s a link to Frank’s blog

My Yard Haikus

1.) The Sangeet was held in

her parents backyard two days

before her wedding.

2.) In a couple of

weeks she will attend a yard

sale with her best friend.

3.) Indian saris are

always six yards of pure silk

elegance and grace.

4.) They just walked into

the snowy yard outside the

beautiful castle.

5.) When I was a kid

I used to love playing with

my friends in the yard.

6.) Have you ever read

“Lady Molly of Scotland Yard”

by Baroness Orczy?

Here’s some yard quotes and pictures






“Only an Indian woman can wrap six yards of fabric in a way that covers enough to make her look modest yet bare enough to make her look sexy!”

~ Shilpa Ahuja

“You know the best thing about having a house? You get to plant whatever you want in the yard and watch it grow.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“An ode to ‘Saree’: Six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty…”

~ Swatie

“Give the enemy an inch, he’ll take a yard.”

~ Monica Crowley

“Of course, in our grade school, in those days, there were no organized sports at all. We just went out and ran around the school yard for recess.”

~ Alan Shepard

“When I began, I was more of a swing bowler with little pace, but I realized it will be difficult to sustain without the pace, so my fitness has now allowed me maybe an extra yard of pace. That has been the secret of my success.”

~ Bhuvneshwar Kumar

“Talking is a hydrant in the yard and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second.”

~ Robert Frost

“If people go out and start protests for everything, then entire Tamil Nadu will become a grave yard!”

~ Rajinikanth