This is is my twenty fifth entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Number. Hope you guys like this new post. Here’s a link to Frank’s blog

My Number Haikus

1.) You can never have

Kobe Bryant’s number 24 without

Gigi’s number 2.

2.) They came into the

main road where a number of

the king’s men waited.

3.) When asked for her phone

number she gave the jail one

or the pizza one.

4.) Problem number one

for me was the fact that he

denied kicking me.

5.) She saw a cute sporty

little number but her friend

chose a midsized van.

6.) Have you ever read

the novel “Number The Stars”

written by Lois Lowry?

Here’s some number quotes and pictures


“Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

“As a model, only a limited number of people knew about me.”

~ Siddharth Shukla

“Measuring nuclear yield depends on multiple parameters – the location and number of instruments, the geology of the area, the location of the seismic station in relation to the test site.”

~ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“I love our daughters more than anything in the world – more than life itself. And while that may not be the first thing that some folks want to hear from an Ivy-league-educated lawyer, it is truly who I am. So for me, being Mom-in-Chief is, and always will be, job number one.”

~ Michelle Obama

I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.”

~ Mae West

“Medicine has changed greatly in the last decades. Widespread vaccinations have practically eradicated many illnesses, at least in western Europe and the United States. The use of chemotherapy, especially the antibiotics, has contributed to an ever decreasing number of fatalities in infectious diseases.”

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross