I hope y’all enjoy my twenty third entry for Becca’s Nurturing Thursday Challenge. This week’s theme is Brave and Magnificent. Here’s a link to Becca’s Blog https://beccagivens.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/nurt-thurs-brave-and-magnificent/

Nurturing Thursday was started by Becca Givens to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy!” I thank her for starting a challenge that will help us get through the difficulties that we all face. I thank Becca for doing something to help everyone feel better especially since this world has been so cruel lately.

Two Songs that mention Brave and Magnificent

Some Pictures and some Quotes about Brave and Magnificent









“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.”

~ Ronald Reagan

“Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr, but let no one lust for martyrdom.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

~ Nelson Mandela

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”

~ Helen Keller

“Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.”

~ Indira Gandhi

“God has given such brave soldiers to this Crown that, if they do not frighten our neighbours, at least they prevent us from being frightened by them.”

~ Elizabeth I

“The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.”

~ John F. Kennedy

“India is a land of plenty inhibited by poverty; India has an enthralling, uplifting civilization that sparkles not only in our magnificent art, but also in the enormous creativity and humanity of our daily life in city and village.”

~ Pranab Mukherjee

“Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke

“When times are bad, people like to lose themselves in the sheer glamour of another period: beautiful wardrobes, magnificent meals served in elegant settings.”

~ Shirley MacLaine

“Winning the 2012 bronze medal was magnificent, but I would love to win a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

~ Mary Kom

“Whether the Sikhs want to worship in Wisconsin or the Christians want to worship in Texas or the Jews want to worship in New York, we’re living under the magnificent umbrella of a Constitution that says we can.”

~ Marianne Williamson