This is my nineteenth entry for Fandango’s Friday Flashback. Here’s a link to Fandango’s blog

I’m going to write about three different blog posts.

This was a post that I wrote on January 3rd, 2014 about a couple of movies that were released on that day. I actually watched four of these movies. All of the other eight movies sounded interesting and I might check them out when I have some time off of work next week. One of these movies was a Telugu movie. I highly enjoyed watching both The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Best Offer. Unlike thirteen weeks ago we did have Bollywood movies that were released on January 3rd, 2014.

This is from a really wonderful and fun family weekend back in 2016 when I visited Orlando Florida for a family wedding. The highlight of the wedding was finally meeting my nephew’s future wife who happened to be his fiancée. Many of my nieces made a joke when we were hanging out at the Mehendi party and Sangeet. My nieces Shreya, Rithika, Priyanka, and Amala were like maybe you should get married soon Siri Atha so that we can all celebrate being on the girl’s side. Ironically I actually did get married that year but none of the niece’s could come since most of them had MCAT or SATs studying.

On Wednesday, January 24th my Aunt Shanta passed away. Shanta Peddamma was amazing and she was the light of the Macherla and Ananthula families. I remember the beautiful glow in her face, her big eyes and that addictive laughter. The second sister of seven wonderful sisters and she was such a blessed role model for everyone that knew her. Here’s a poem that I wrote today in memory of her:

We lost a beautiful woman, wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, great-aunt and great-grandaunt ten days ago. She will forever be in our hearts and she might be gone but will never be forgotten. Thanks for everything that you have done for everyone in our family. I will miss you dearly as well as will everyone who loved you. Love you Shanta Peddamma. May Your Beautiful Soul Rest In Peace!