This is my seventeenth entry for Tourmaline’s Color Your World Challenge and this week’s color is Denim. I hope y’all enjoy reading my post. Here’s a link to Tourmaline’s blog

Denim Crayon Facts. Hue Family: Blue; First introduced in 1993. Denim is either Crayola’s tribute to the most life-changing inventor in the world (Mr. Levi Strauss, that is) or…Lana Del Rey. Either one’s okay with us. The color denim with hexadecimal color code #1560bd is a shade of cyan-blue. In the RGB color model #1560bd is comprised of 8.24% red, 37.65% green and 74.12% blue. In the HSL color space #1560bd has a hue of 213° (degrees), 80% saturation and 41% lightness. This color has an approximate wavelength of 473.31 nm. 

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. While a denim predecessor known as dungaree has been produced in India for hundreds of years, denim itself was first produced in the French city of Nîmes under the name “serge de Nîmes”. The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white. As a result of the warp-faced twill weaving, one side of the textile is dominated by the blue warp threads and the other side is dominated by the white weft threads. This causes blue jeans to be white on the inside. The indigo dyeing process, in which the core of the warp threads remains white, creates denim’s signature fading characteristics. The name “denim” derives from French serge de Nîmes, meaning ‘serge from Nîmes’. Denim was traditionally colored blue with indigo dye to make blue jeans, although “jean” formerly denoted a different lighter, cotton fabric. The contemporary use of the word “jeans” comes from the French word for Genoa, Italy: Gênes. Denim has been used in the United States since the mid-19th century. Denim initially gained popularity in 1873 when Jacob W. Davis, a tailor from Nevada, manufactured the first pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants. At this time, clothes for Western labourers, such as teamsters, surveyors, and miners, were not very durable. His concept for making reinforced jeans was inspired when a customer requested a pair of durable and strong pants for her husband to chop wood. When Davis was about to finish making the denim jeans, he saw some copper rivets lying on a table and used the rivets to fasten the pockets. Soon, the popularity of denim jeans began to spread rapidly, and Davis was overwhelmed with requests. He soon sold 200 pairs to workers in need of heavy work clothing. Nevertheless, because of the production capacity in his small shop, Davis was struggling to keep up with the demand. He then wrote a proposal to dry goods wholesaler Levi Strauss & Co. that had been supplying Davis with bolts of denim fabric. Davis’s proposal was to patent the design of the rivet-reinforced denim pant, with Davis listed as inventor, in exchange for certain rights of manufacture. Levi Strauss & Co. was so impressed by the possibilities for profit in the manufacture of the garment that they then hired Davis to be in charge of the mass production in San Francisco. Throughout the 20th century denim was used for cheap durable uniforms like those issued to staff of the French national railways. In the postwar years, Royal Air Force overalls for dirty work were named “denims.” These were a one-piece garment, with long legs and sleeves, buttoned from throat to crotch, in an olive drab denim fabric.

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TV Shows with Denim in the Title

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Books with Denim in the Title

1.) Denim and Diamonds by Debbie Macomber

2.) Denim and Lace by Diana Blayne

3.) The Denim Blue Sea by Joanne DeMaio

4.) Demise in Denim by Duffy Brown

5.) The Devil in Denim by Melanie Scott

6.) Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

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8.) Princess in Denim by Zoa Sherburne

9.) The Bride Wore Denim by Lizbeth Selvig

10.) Maharaja in Denims by Khushwant Singh

Bands or Singers/Musicians or Artists with Denim in the Name

1.) Denim (England)

2.) White Denim

3.) Joe Denim

4.) Denimu

5.) Denim J

6.) Denim (Austin, TX)

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Songs with Denim in the Name

1.) “Denim and Lace” by Marty Rhone

2.) “Blue Denim” by Ben Lee

3.) “Dirty Denim” by The Donnas

4.) “Denim Jacket” by Maroon 5

5.) “Denim and Leather” by Saxon

6.) “Blue Denim Soul” by Sawyer Brown

7.) “Denim & Diamonds” by Shooter Jennings

8.) “Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots” by Vaughn Monroe

9.) “Saggy Denim” by Princess Nokia

10.) “Fake Denim” by Quinn XCII

Production Companies with Denim  in the Title

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3.) Will & Deni Media

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Companies with Denim in the Title


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Some Pictures of Denim