Here is my sixteenth entry for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Hope y’all enjoy my take on this challenge. Here’s a link to Linda’s blog

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 23/19

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flyer/ad.” Look at the latest ad you got in the mail (if it’s a store flyer, choose the product right in the middle of the page) or choose the next online ad you find, and theme your post on whatever the product is. Do not name the brand if you hate it, unless you add that it’s an opinion/review of the product in question. You don’t want to chance getting sued. Have fun!

I found three different Flyers/ads one was an Flyer/ad about a movie, the second was an Flyer/ad about some upcoming tv shows, and the last Flyer/ad was a song ad. One Flyer/ad was a tv ad, the second Flyer/ad was a newspaper ad, and the last Flyer/ad was a online ad.

Movies with Flyer in the Title

1.) Radio Flyer (1992)

2.) American Flyer (2010)

3.) Frequent Flyer (1996)

4.) Flyerman (2003)

5.) American Flyers (1985)

6.) Flyerboy (2015)

7.) Flyer and Magic Sword (1971)

8.) The Dove Flyer (2013)

9.) Nightflyers (1987)

10.) Flyer (In Development)

TV Shows with Flyer in the Title

1.) The Flockton Flyer (1977)

2.) Flyering (2019)

3.) High Flyers (1999)

4.) High Flyers (2020)

5.) Nightflyers (2018)

6.) El Flyer (2005)

7.) Sci-Flyers (2013)

8.) Supernature – Wild Flyers (2016)

9.) Time Flyers (2002)

10.) American Flyers (In Development)

Songs With Flyer in the Title

1.) “The Flyer” by Saga

2.) “Flyer Song” by Leslie Ellis

3.) “Dixie Flyer” by Randy Newman

4.) “The Flyer Song” by Tim Toupet

5.) “Texas Flyer” by Freddy King

6.) “Bootleg Flyer” by Mudcrutch

7.) “Midnight Flyer” by Eagles

8.) “Treetop Flyer” by Stephen Stills

9.) “Flyers” by Bradio

10.) “Mexican Flyer” by Ken Woodman & His Picadilly Brass

Movies With Ad in the Title

1.) The King of Ads (1991)

2.) Ad Astra (2019)

3.) Ad Fundam (1993)

4.) The Addams Family (2019)

5.) Winter Ade (1989)

6.) Ad Vitam (2006)

7.) The Adding Machine (1969)

8.) Ad of the Decade (2009)

9.) No Preservatives Added (1996)

10.) Obnoxious Ads (2016)

TV Shows with Ad in the Title

1.) A.D. Police Files (1990)

2.) Ad Vitam (2018)

3.) Ad Lib (1986)

4.) Ad Vitam Ad Mortem (2017)

5.) Partridge Family 2020 AD (1974)

6.) Ade in Britain (2011)

7.) Ad Lib (1981)

8.) Honest Ads (2012)

9.) Ads Infinitum (1998)

10.) Africa with Ade Adepitan (2019)

Songs with Ad in the Title

1.) “The Personal Ad Song” by Spookie Daly Pride

2.) “Adore” by Prince

3.) “Adore You” by Miley Cyrus

4.) “I Admit” by R. Kelly

5.) “Admit It” by Say Anything

6.) “Addicted to You” by Avicii

7.) “Addicted” by Enrique Iglesias

8.) “Add Me” by Chumbawamba

9.) “Add It Up” by Violent Femmes

10.) “The Ad Song” by TheBaronMan

“When someone hands you a flyer, it’s like they’re saying here you throw this away.”

~ Mitch Hedberg

“My husband travels a lot with his job, so we have a lot of frequent flyer miles so we can hop on a plane with no notice. That’s a nice luxury and he is very supportive.”

~ Jeri Ryan

“Going abroad to study as a teenager, and joining the United Nations at 22, confirmed my ease with the world of the frequent flyer. I saw the average airport terminal as a familiar haven, like a friend’s sitting room. But 9/11 changed all that.”

~ Shashi Tharoor

“Everyone knows that when you look at a television ad, you do not expect to get information. You expect to see delusion and imagery.”

~ Noam Chomsky

“I think I have been very conscious throughout my career. I can’t go back and remember every line of every ad I have done, but I think in the most part I have been pretty conscious that we are not making a wrong claim. I am pretty confident with everything I do.”

~ Katrina Kaif

“You have to grab moments when they happen. I like to improvise and ad lib.”

~ Denzel Washington