This is Shweta’s eleventh ever post for her Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This is my eleventh entry for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This week’s theme word is beauty. Here’s a link to Shweta’s blog

1.) Her beauty was cool and classic.

2.) They’d been enamored by his beauty.

3.) The little girl was a beauty.

4.) Both inner and outer beauty matter.

5.) It is not beauty that endears.

6.) The beauty of marriage was gone.

7.)  Love makes us see the beauty.

8.) Did you ever watch Sleeping Beauty?

9.) Have you watched Beauty for Sale?

10.) Will you ever watch Black Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty is alternatively titled Cannon Movie Tales: Sleeping Beauty is a 1987 American/Israeli fantasy film, part of the 1980 film series Cannon Movie Tales. It is directed by David Irving and stars Tahnee Welch, Morgan Fairchild, Nicholas Clay and Sylvia Miles. It is a contemporary version of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty of the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. Like the other Cannon Movie Tales, the film was filmed entirely in Israel.

Beauty for Sale is a 1933 American pre-Code film about the romantic entanglements of three beauty salon employees. Based on the novel Beauty by Faith Baldwin, it stars Madge Evans, Alice Brady, and Otto Kruger.

Black Beauty is a 1971 British drama film, based on the Anna Sewell novel of the same name. This movie is the fourth feature film adaptation of Anna Sewell’s story. The movie was directed by James Hill. Lionel Bart provided the rousing score.