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Tapati Devi is a goddess found in Hindu mythology in Hinduism. She is also known as the goddess of river Tapati, mother-goddess of the south, the home of the southern sun where she brings the heat to the earth. As per the Hindu texts, Tapati was a daughter of Surya (the Sun god) and Chhaya one of the wives of Surya. Her vahana or mount is a fish. Tapati’s name literally means the “warming”, “the hot one”, “burning one”. It had been said that no one in three worlds could match her in beauty, having perfect features, and severe religious self-discipline.

Tapati is originally mentioned in the Mahabharata two dozen times, as a wife of Samvarana having a son named Kuru (the founder of the Kuru dynasty and the Kuru Kingdom). The story of both the characters has also been found in other Hindu texts such as Srimad-Bhagavatam & Purāṇam. As per texts the Tapati’s place of residence was on the banks of river Tapat

In Mahabharata, Arjun asked Gandharva about the origin of the name Tapatya, so the Gandharva said that the sun had a beautiful daughter named Tapati, whom he was concerned to marry off. An early Kaurava king Samvarana worships the sun and was elected as her husband. One day out for hunting the king saw her and fell in love and proposed a marriage but she referred him to her father for his approval.

After that the king started to worship the sun and took the help of Sage Vasistha and sent him before the sun, vasistha then requested sun to approve the marriage of samvarana and tapati and the sun agreed to it.