This is my third and fourth entries for Sunshine’s Macro Monday. Here’s a link to Irene’s blog https://sunshinesmacromonday.net/2019/10/20/fresh-from-the-tree/ and  https://sunshinesmacromonday.net/2019/10/27/feasting-on-milkweed/

The Rules:

Sunshine’s Macro Monday is a one day challenge without prompts.  Irene will post a Sunshine’s Macro Monday post each week. Title your post however you like but use the tag SMM and mention Sunshine’s Macro Monday somewhere on your post.  Create a pingback or add a link in the comment section of that week’s post.  Post one or several photos each Monday.  Got questions?  Leave a comment with your question and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


The pictures of the apples and oranges were taken at the temple a couple of days after Irene’s fresh from the tree post. I was lucky to have gotten an apple and an orange on Sunday afternoon when I went for the Diwali Celebrations at the temple. The next picture is from the Fireworks and Sparklers that my sister and I played with on Diwali a couple years ago.