Here is my twenty seventh entry for BettyLouise’s, IdahoBlueBird50 Mysteries Blog, Animal of the Day (AOTD) challenge. Here is the link to BettyLouise’s blog

Matsya is the first avatar in the ten primary avatars of Hindu god Vishnu and is the first of the Animal Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Matsya is described to have rescued Manu and earthly existence from a great deluge and one of the first sapient beings to evolve on the Earth. These legends have embedded symbolism, where a small fish with Manu’s protection grows to become a big fish, and the fish saves earthly existence. Matsya iconography sometimes is zoomorphic as a giant fish with a horn, or anthropomorphic in the form of a human torso connected to the rear half of a fish. As Brahma starts to sleep, an asura steals the Vedas. Meanwhile, Vaivasvata Manu the first man was making his religious offering in the Kiruthmal River, when a small fish appeared in his hand. The fish asked Manu to protect him from larger fishes. Manu accepts the request, and puts the fish in a jar. When the fish outgrows it, Manu puts it in a pond, then a lake, and finally into the sea. Once there, the fish instantly expands to a gigantic size. Manu then realizes that the fish is Vishnu Narayana, and accepts he was previously deluded. The fish then informs the king that a flood is coming in seven days, to go collect all kinds of seeds and the seven sages, then board the boat that has been made for him. Manu does so. The fish with a horn appears. They tie the boat to the horn and the fish saves them. The fish then finds the asura Hayagriva, slays him, recovers the Vedas and gives it to the seven sages and Manu.