This is Shweta’s sixth ever post for her Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This is my sixth entry for the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. This week’s theme word is loss. Here’s a link to Shweta’s blog

1.) The loss of my second mother.

2.) I’m very sorry for your loss.

3.) We’re very sorry for your loss.

4.) He was weak from the blood-loss.

5.) My diet resulted in weight loss.

6.) Her death was a sudden loss.

7.) The sudden loss of my Fitbit.

8.) Did you watch An Acceptable Loss.

9.) Did you ever hear about Loss?

10.) Did you see Loss of Innocence?

I was devastated to hear that my beloved and sweet second mother passed away at her house on June 29 this year. I ‘m very sorry for your loss and we’re so sorry for your loss are two different types of condolence messages. The loss of my old Fitbit caused me to go to Kohl’s and buy myself a new Fitbit. Following a doctor’s appointment I started a new diet that caused me to have some weight loss.

An Acceptable Loss is a political thriller film written and directed by Joe Chappelle and starring Tika Sumpter and Jamie Lee Curtis. It had its world premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 13, 2018. It was released on January 18, 2019, by IFC Films.

Loss is a 2008 Lithuanian psychological thriller film directed, co-written and co-produced by Latvian film director Māris Martinsons. In October 2008, it was announced that the film was Lithuania’s submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the 81st Academy Awards, becoming the first Lithuanian feature film ever to be submitted for the Academy Awards.

Loss of Innocence is a 1978 television mini-series about the life of a man from the Great Depression to the 1970s.