This is my sixth entry for Tourmaline’s Color Your World Challenge and this week’s color is Cadet Blue. I hope y’all enjoy reading my post. Here’s a link to Tourmaline’s blog

The first recorded use of cadet blue as a color name in English was in 1892. In 1957, Crayola introduced the world to the cadet blue shade of crayola crayons.

In 1987, cadet blue was formulated as one of the X11 colors, which in the early 1990s became known as the X11 web colors.

In a RGB color space, hex #5f9ea0 (also known as Cadet blue) is composed of 37.3% red, 62% green and 62.7% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 40.6% cyan, 1.3% magenta, 0% yellow and 37.3% black. It has a hue angle of 181.8 degrees, a saturation of 25.5% and a lightness of 50%. #5f9ea0 color hex could be obtained by blending #beffff with #003d41. Closest websafe color is: #669999.

Movies with Cadet in the Title

1.) Love’s Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder (1997)

2.) Cadet Kelly (2002)

3.) Air Cadet (1951)

4.) Cadet (2009)

5.) Flying Cadets (1941)

6.) Cadet (2011)

Movies with Blue in the Title

1.) The Blue Lagoon (1980)

2.) Code Blue (2011)

3.) The Blue Iguana (1988)

4.) Blue (2009)

5.) Violets Are Blue (1986)

6.) Bluebeard (2017)

TV Shows with Cadet in the Title

1.) Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (1950–1955)

2.) Space Cadets (2011)

3.) Cadet Rousselle (1971–1973)

4.) Space Cadets (2005)

5.) Cadet Don (1959)

6.) Space Cadets (2018)

TV Shows with Blue in the Title

1.) NYPD Blue (1993)

2.) Blue Bloods (2010)

3.) Pacific Blue (1996)

4.) Blue (2012)

5.) Blue Thunder (1984)

6.) Dark Blue (2009)

Bands or Singers with Cadet in the Name

1.) Cadet

2.) Cadet

3.) Killer Cadet Band

4.) Cadet

5.) National Cadet Corps

6.) Cadet Sisters

Bands with Blue in the Name

1.) Blue Oyster Cult

2.) Blues Traveler

3.) Blue October

4.) Climax Blues Band

5.) Blue Cheer

6.) Ocean Blue

Songs with Cadet in the Title

1.) “Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect” by Modest Mouse

2.) “Space Cadets” by Suzi Quatro

3.) “The Cadet Leaps” by King Krule

4.) “Cadet Roussel” by Dorothée

5.) “Space Cadet” by Metro Boomin

6.) “Space Cadet” by Quality Control

Songs with Blue in the Title

1.) “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley

2.) “Blue Eyes” by Elton John

3.) “Blue Velvet” by Lana Del Rey

4.) “Blue Skies” by Jamiroquai

5.) “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban

6.) “Blue Jean” by David Bowie

Companies with Cadet Blue in the Name

1.) Bluecadet Interactive

2.) Bluecadet