This is my fifth entry for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Challenge. This is my first entry for eschudel‘s Ragtag Daily Prompt on every Friday. Here’s a link to Eschudel’s blog https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2019/09/13/rdp-friday-sardonic/

My Sardonic Haikus

1.) I watched as his mouth

twisted suddenly into

a huge sardonic smile.

2.) His tone was sardonic,

yet his expressive eyes held

a glint of humor.

3.) His eyes twinkled with

mirth and his lips held quite a

sardonic smile indeed.

4.) She paused while she was

talking to me, her voice took

on a sardonic tone.

Some Sardonic Smiles

I found these pictures when I Google searched for Sardonic Smiles.


Some Sardonic Pictures

I found these pictures when I Google searched for some Sardonic pictures.