This is my third entry for Fandango’s Friday Flashback. Here’s a link to Fandango’s blog

I’m writing about three different blogposts

One of my all time favorite Bhajans

This was a post that I wrote back on September 13, 2015. It was about my favorite Bhajan: Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram. It which was originally written by Sri Laksmanacharya. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is a notable bhajan that was widely popularized by Mahatma Gandhi.

Famous and/or Unknown Women Spies

This was a post that I wrote this year on August 13, 2019. This was the post that I introduced the first ever challenge ever. It is about some of my Favorite Famous and/or Unknown Women Spies. I have written about three Spies so far. So far none of the followers of my blog have responded with their favorite Spies.

An Introduction to Vasundhara

This was a post I wrote back on July 13, 2015. It was the first ever post in the story that I started writing based on the Mahabharata. I always wondered why is it that Lord Rama had a sister in the Ramayana but the Pandavas didn’t have a sister. In the Puranas they say that the Pandavas have at least one or two daughters.