This is my fourth entry for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Challenge. This is my first entry for curiouscat99’s Ragtag Daily Prompt on every Monday. Here’s a link to curiouscat99’s blog

My Happenstance Haikus

1.) One day at work I

met a relative. Our first meeting

was happenstance.

2.) The office workers’

matching outfits came about

by a pure happenstance.

3.) My new workday starts

and I meet by happenstance my

family’s accountant Ramani.

4.) A new workday starts

I meet by happenstance an old

school classmate of mine.

Some pictures of happenstance situations. The daughter of the couple in the first picture is who I met one dat at my work. She turned out to be my mom’s cousin’s daughter. One day at work my friend Johanna and I came to work wearing the exact same outfit of the flowery blouse and the Waverly cropped pants. Once at work I met the H&R Block tax preparer for my family. At work I once met two different childhood classmates but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of us together that day. I chose to have a picture of one of my favorite happenstance meetings that were on the news and all over the internet. The last four pictures are of a music album called happenstance, a book titled happenstance, and the last two pictures are of a restaurant in London named happenstance.