This is my third entry for the Ragtag Daily Prompt Challenge. This is my first entry for Sgeoil’s Ragtag Daily Prompt on every Monday. Here’s a link to Sgeoil’s blog

My Fervid Haikus

1.) The fervid calls of

the two peacocks were very loud

but quite passionate.

2.) Fervid flood of tears

after my sister told me

our second mom died.

3.) Everyone had a

fervid flood of tears throughout

the whole funeral.

4.) I can’t stand fervid

followers of Warren Jeffs

the FLDS Mormon prophet.

Some pictures of fervid animals and people

The animal picture is of the one of the peacocks that I saw in Austin Texas at the Radha Dham Temple. The people pictures are of three different funerals that many people in the world watched on television or saw on the news. The first funeral is that of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the Telugu American guy who was killed at a bar in Kansas right after Trump became President. The picture of the compound is of a compound in South Dakota where the fervid followers of Warren Jeffs live. The second funeral is that of the Bollywood and Tollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor who passed away when she was on vacation in Dubai after attending a nephew’s wedding. The second to last picture is of the post funeral rites that either the husband had to do. The last picture is of Meghan McCain fervidly crying over her father Senator John McCain’s casket.

6A49F7EA-DDEE-4E6A-9F73-0AEDB0D08738187BAF9A-1DBD-4D5F-ADBF-93A1078694E460E1A3D7-DD84-47A0-9EEF-FA0AF217228A8F845698-E8FC-409D-99AB-B791368213034E02249D-FECD-4552-BAB6-68B84A0A7F6A2B7101ED-54AC-489A-9117-9E57ABFBF0B24EB58105-5EFD-4CF1-B284-FA1FC7017849Arizona Sen. John McCain Lies In State In The Rotunda Of Arizona State Capitol