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Do you believe in magic? Define magic any way you wish and explain your belief about magic.

Personally yes I have always believed in magic. There are times where I believe that magic is real because I believe in Lord Krishna’s Magical Leelas. How can a baby eat dirt and then show his mother the whole universe in his mouth. How can Lord Krishna be in two places at the same time? He was in Dwaraka when he bestowed an unending sari on Draupadi when Prince Dussasana tried to disrobe her in the kingdom of Hastinapur. How can Empress Draupadi manage to feed all of the people who visit the Pandavas and her  during the years they were living in the forest.

One day when Balarama and the other little sons of the cowherds were playing with Krishna and they reported to his mother, “Krishna has eaten dirt.” Yasoda took Krishna by the hand and scolded him, for his own good, and she said to him, seeing that his eyes were bewildered with fear, “Naughty boy, why have you secretly eaten dirt?” Krishna said, “Mother, I have not eaten. They are all lying. If you think they speak the truth, look at my mouth yourself” “If that is the case, then open your mouth,” she said to the Lord Hari [Vishnu], the God of unchallenged sovereignty who had in sport taken the form of a human child, and He opened his mouth. She then saw in his mouth the whole eternal universe, and heaven, and the regions of the sky, and the orbit of the earth with its mountains, islands, and oceans; she saw the wind, and lightning, and the moon and stars, and the zodiac; and water and fire and air and space itself; she saw the vacillating senses, the mind, the elements, and the three strands of matter. She saw within the body of her son, in his gaping mouth, the whole universe in all its variety, with all the forms of life and time and nature and action and hopes, and her own village, and herself.


Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad – the king of Panchala, and the wife and queen of the five Pandavas. She was an ardent devotee and friend of Lord Krishna. Due to the clashes of land and kingdom between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, Draupadi was the major sufferer. Draupadi’s cheer-haran, literally meaning stripping of one’s clothes, marks a definitive moment in the story of Mahabharata. Her husbands, the Pandavas are tricked by their cousins, the Kauravas, into a fixed game of dice in which they lose their all their wealth and kingdom. Yudhishthira, the eldest and most-respected Pandava, is then goaded into gambling away each brother. Still the Kauravas are not satisfied by this humiliation, so they taunt Yudhishthira further into betting his wife. Against the protests of the family elders, who argue a woman cannot be put at stake, Yudhishthira puts Draupadi as a bet for the next round. When the Kauravas win, the eldest one Duryodhana, commands his younger brother Dushasana to forcefully bring her to the gathering. Dushasana drags her into the court by her hair. Drunk with power, Dushasana tries to strip Draupadi of her sari. Seeing her husbands unable or unwilling to help her, Draupadi prays to Lord Krishna to protect her. As Dushasana unwraps layers and layers of her sari, it keeps getting extended. Finally, a tired Dushasana backs off without being able to remove her clothing.


Empress Draupadi and her five husband’s received a Akshayapatra or inexhaustible vessel from Lord Surya, the Hindu Sun God. Akshayapatra means inexhaustible vessel, is an object from Hindu mythology. It was a wonderful vessel given to Yudishtira by the Lord Surya which held a never-failing supply of food to the Pandavas every day. Another version mentions a different story, Draupadi started to pray to Lord Krishna. Pleased with draupadi’s prayers, Lord Krishna blessed her with the Akshaya Patra, a vessel that would give unlimited food every day till Draupadi finished eating. During the Pandavas’ exile, Sage Durvasa and several disciples arrived at Hastinapura. Duryodhana with his maternal uncle Shakuni managed to gratify the sage. Durvasa was pleased enough to grant him a boon. Duryodhana, secretly wanting Durvasa to curse the Pandavas in anger, asked the sage to visit his cousins in the forest after Draupadi had eaten her meal, knowing that the Pandavas would then have nothing to feed him. So Durvasa and his disciples visited the Pandavas in their hermitage in the forest, as per Duryodhana’s request. During this period of exile, the Pandavas would obtain their food by means of the Akshaya Patra, which would become exhausted each day once Draupadi finished her meal. Because Draupadi had already eaten by the time Durvasa arrived that day, there was no food left to serve him, and the Pandavas were very anxious as to their fate should they fail to feed such a venerable sage. While Durvasa and his disciples were away bathing at the river, Draupadi prayed to Krishna for help. Krishna immediately appeared before Draupadi saying he was extremely hungry, and asked her for food. Draupadi grew exasperated and said she had prayed to Krishna precisely because she had no food left to give. Krishna then told her to bring the Akshaya Patra to him. When she did, he partook of the lone grain of rice and piece of vegetable that he found stuck to the vessel and announced that he was satisfied by the “meal”. This satiated the hunger of Durvasa and his disciples, as the satisfaction of Krishna (portrayed here as the Supreme Being who pervades the entire universe) meant the satiation of the hunger of all living things. The sage Durvasa and his disciples then quietly left after their bath, without returning to the Pandavas’ hermitage, for they were afraid of facing what they thought would be the Pandavas’ wrathful reaction at their impolite behaviour of refusing the food that would be served to them.

I have always been a fan of Harry Potter and in 2006, when I graduated from high school the father of one of my best friends was killed at the hotel where he worked the night shift. I remember how we all met up at our friends house the day we all found out. We were wishing that Harry Potter magic was real so that we could have a Dementor give the murderer the Dementor’s Kiss.