This is my fourth entry for Debbie’s, Travel With Intent blog, One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Triangle. Unfortunately I couldn’t post it earlier since I was at work all day today. So here it is! I hope y’all enjoy.

Can anyone figure out what iconic tourist attraction these triangles are from? Hint: It has to do with fun childhood memories all American adults have.

Here are some pictures of the examples of triangles in nature. One is a cucumber slice. Two are pictures of clovers. The last is a picture of birds flying together in a triangle shape formation.

City Hall, Athens, Southeast view

This is a picture of the city hall in Athens, Georgia. Can you spot the triangles?

Here’s four pictures of five or six triangle examples located in my house. Three are from windows. One is from the bottom of the staircase. One is from the chandelier in the foyer. The last picture is a picture of a lamp in one of the rooms.

These are three different types of samosas an Indian triangle Hors d’oeuvres. One is of a turkey samosa, one is a pea and potato samosa, and one is a chicken samosa.


This is a picture of a triangle rug that I saw at a friend’s house once.


This is a picture of a triangle at my work.

The first picture is of the various triangle shaped areas in India. Examples include Hyderabad-Bangalore-Chennai, Agra-New Delhi-Jaipur. The second picture is of the spooky Bermuda Triangle of Bermuda-Miami-San Juan.