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Evading the Shadows by Rajesh Iyer 

This post was originally written on Tuesday January 30, 2018. This is definitely one of the coolest books that I have read in a long time. Everyone that writes stories that take place in the Mahabharata usually writes about the same subject. This book was so intriguing because it was written about the years of exile in the forest that the Pandavas and Draupadi spent. I loved the parts when all the Pandavas were trying to figure out which kingdom to stay in for their year in disguise. Very funny how poor Sahadeva was the one that the Kaurava spies almost caught but I enjoyed reading about how he was able to  outwit them. Poor Bhima and his anger almost got him caught out a few times. One of the spies even recognized Arjuna as Arjuna because of his scars from learning how to become the great archer that he was.  It talked about the spies that worked for the Pandavas. This story mentions the story about the people who worked as spies for the Kauravas. It was a wonderful and new take on the Mahabharat. This book even talked about a new character who was the brother of Purochan. I loved the part when all the Pandavas saw each other for the first time in their incognito disguises. It was very funny when nobody recognized Arjuna as Brihannala. I loved everything about this story and the spies on the Pandava side rocked. It was so funny when the young Pandava spy got drunk and told the new Kaurava spy exactly which kingdom the Pandavas were going to spend their thirteenth year in disguise. Ironically the head spy for the Kauravas didn’t believe the story and told the new spy to go to another kingdom. Thanks for such an awesome and wonderful story. This is definitely an author to watch. I can’t wait to read another book written by Rajesh M Iyer. Mr Iyer, please keep up the great work and good luck on all your future endeavors!