This is my second entry for Michael’s Tale Weaver Writing Prompt and this week’s topic is Pests. Here’s a link to Michael’s blog


These are two pictures of me from my last visit to India and you can easily notice that my face looks puffy because of mosquito bites. The noticeable lotion on my face is Calamine lotion which somewhat helps soothe my skin after I was bitten by mosquitoes.

My Haikus on Pests

1.) Pests are annoying

especially if they crawl

on your legs one day.

2.) Mosquitos are pests

and my enemy during

my trips to India.

3.) Mosquitoes and ants

are pests that are common in

the state of Georgia.

4.) Some examples of

different annoying pests

are bedbugs, wasps and bees.

The reason that I think pests are annoying are because every time I visit my family in India I get multiple bites from mosquitoes. You know what everyone tells me when they see the bites on my face or body. They tell me that the Indian mosquitos can’t resist my sweet American blood. No matter if I cover my arms or put mosquito repellents on my body these pests still manage to bite me.

I have a story about one pest that really annoyed me back in September last year. I remember that my aunt and I were home relaxing. We were watching a movie, family wedding video, or a home video and we realized that there was something crawling on our legs. I looked down and screamed like a girl because it was a pest of a cockroach that had the gall to climb on my leg.

Once when I was walking outside on my front lawn I unknowingly stepped on a pile of ants. I don’t think I ever was in that much pain since. I remember the sensation of getting bit by red ants all over my feet and it hurt so much.

I like seeing how little caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies.

Pests include termites, rats, cane toads, rodents, common myna, ants, wasps, house crow, aphid, moles, hylotrupes, cockroaches, red deers, khapra beetles, voles, bedbugs, Rainbow lorikeet, silverfish, thrips, tree squirrel, spider mite, emerald ash borer, varied carpet beetles, kookaburra, housefly, flying foxes, common clothes moth, insects, whiteflies, western corn rootworm, feral, Colorado potato beetle, beetle, mealybug, Phylloxera, mite, fly, smooth land slugs, bee, mosquito, moth, black rat, invertebrate, weevils, honey bee, earwig, flea, caterpillar, scale insect, and locust.

Pest Movies

1.) Eega (2012) Tollywood movie Telugu for The Fly

2.) The Pest (1997)

3.) Cockroach (2010)

4.) Mosquito Man (2005)

5.) The Bees (1978)

6.) Locusts: The 8th Plague (2005)

7.) Empire of the Ants (1977)

8.) Termite: The Walls Have Eyes (2012)

9.) Rats: The Night of Terror (1984)

10.) The Moth (1980)