This is my first entry for Kate’s Pull Up A Seat Challenge 2019- Week 33. I hope everyone enjoys my blog post. Here’s a link to Kate’s blog

Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2019-Week 33


For this weekly challenge I will make a post every Friday morning. To play along:

  1. Create a post with a photo of places one sits or might sit, or art about sitting, and maybe a little background or story about the spot or a picture of the view.
  2. Add a tag “Pull up a seat”.
  3. Add a link to your post in my comment section, either by writing a comment with your URL or by creating a pingback (when you create a link to my post within your post with the chain icon in the editor).

The pictures that I am posting for the Pull up a seat challenge are pictures of some benches and sofas that I saw while I was on a tour of the Falaknuma Palace with some of my family members almost three years ago in Hyderabad, India. We stopped for a few minutes to rest from the heat on the wrought iron bench that is in the third picture after our tour was finished. We enjoyed eating a delicious meal in the dining hall of the Taj Falaknuma Palace and Hotel after our short rest. In the three following pictures you will see three different places that you can sit and relax at the gorgeous Falaknuma Palace.





This is a picture of one of the many benches that are located all around the outlet mall where I work. Sometimes customers who visit the outlets just sit down on one of the benches, relax, and take a break from shopping or walking. Sometimes when I’m walking to work I see some beautiful flowers or water fountains so I stop walking, sit down and put all my stuff down. I then take pictures for many of my blog posts.


This last picture is from one of the pictures that I took almost three years ago when I visited the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India. I took this picture of some of the other people who were visiting the Golconda Fort on the same day that I visited Golconda Fort with my husband, brother-in-law, younger sister and my husband’s younger cousin sister about a week before we got married in December of 2016.