This is my first entry for this week’s Pic and a Word Challenge by Patrick Jennings. I hope y’all enjoy my take on fractured. Here’s a link to Patrick’s blog

My First Haiku on the Mahabharata:

In the Mahabharata saga

a war between a fractured family

of Kauravas and Pandavas begins.

My Tanka on the Mahabharata

In the Mahabharata

a fractured family of

Kauravas and Pandavas

a new war starts between cousins:

good prevails over evil.

The reason that I described the Kuru family as a fractured family of Kauravas and Pandavas is because they were cousins who were always fighting. Duryodhana tried to kill his cousins many times throughout their lives. Duryodhana was jealous that since his eldest cousin Yudhisthira was the oldest of all the cousins he would be the future king of their kingdom. The Kauravas were the 100 sons and one daughter of the blind king Dhritrashtra and his wife Gandhari, a princess from the kingdom of Gandhar or Kandahar in what is now considered Afghanistan. The Pandavas were nominally the sons of Pandu and his two wives Kunti and Madri but were biologically born to Kunti and Madri by the Gods. Kunti’s sons: Yudhisthira was the son of the God of Death Yama, Bhima the son of the Wind God Vayu and Arjuna the son of the Kings of the Gods Indra. Madri was smart and had the twins Nakul and Sahadeva born to her from the Ashwini Twins.



The last picture is the Pandava Bhima fighting his cousin Duryodhana and fracturing his cousin’s thigh by hitting below the waist to go against the rule of war and breaking the thigh of Duryodhana’s in revenge and fulfilling his oath that he would get justice for their wife Draupadi. Duryodhana had told the Draupadi to sit on Duryodhana’s lap after his younger brother dragged her by the hair to rip off her sari while she was going through her period and wasn’t allowed to be in the hall where her husbands’ had been playing a dice game with their cousins. They lost the dice game because Duryodhana’s Uncle Shakuni had brought dice that would obey his every game play.