“Where is your husband?” Ram Anna asked.

Ram Anna is my family friend who I started volunteering at the temple with when I was a child. We were all sitting in the funeral home waiting for my second mother’s funeral to begin. It was the first time in a year that I seen him and now we were all in shock that my second mother had suddenly passed away the day before. It was almost 1pm and we were waiting for the priest to start the Funeral puja.

“My husband is now working in Maryland and living with his bachelor friends.” I replied back to Ram Anna.

It was very interesting listening to the eulogies because we heard from many people about my second mother. The eulogies differed because the way that they had met her and how close to her they were differed.  Some of the eulogy speakers barely knew her and others had been friends for many decades. My parents for example had known her since the 1970s. There were people who might have just met her the year before she passed away.

Flash forward two weeks and we are at the temple attending the memorial service for my second mom.

In this post, you will see that the way that I answer the same question differs. You will learn why the two answers differ.

“Where is your Mangalsutra?” Madhavi asked me.

“I’m shocked to see you not wearing it today.” Madhavi told me.

“I have seen you wear it everyday since you got married to Saikiran.” Madhavi said.

I couldn’t lie to her. She is one of my good family friends, a Priest’s wife and I don’t like to tell lies in the temple because God wouldn’t like it if I lied. Her kids adore me and I adore playing with them whenever we are all at the temple. I have watched them grow up since they were babies. A couple of times when I volunteered packing Laddoos, Madhavi’s daughter Janu was my little sidekick  and helper.

“My dear Madhavi, I’m sorry to tell you that Saikiran wants a divorce so we’re getting divorced.” I said.

Written for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. Our challenge today is to “Start your post with the word ‘where’ and write whatever comes to you.”

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