There are two things that you should know about me I’m not a thief and if someone leaves something important that they have forgotten in my fitting rooms I try to find them to give it back to them. I usually run after them and ask them if what I found is something that they lost.

I remember one day that I was at work and one of the customers left the fitting room after trying on clothes, I opened the door to check if the room was clean and made sure that we didn’t have any shoplifters. Ironically, there were many days when I checked the fitting rooms only to find that my dear customers accidentally left their wallets, cell phones, bracelets, earrings, hats, and other accessories in the fitting rooms. I ran after the customer and gave them the possession that they forgot. Often, the customer had no idea that they had forgotten something. They thanked me for realizing that they had forgotten something and running after them to make sure that they had gotten it back safely.

Sometimes I found lost items and couldn’t find the customer that had lost it because they might of already paid and left our store. Then I usually take whatever I found and give it to the manager and let everyone of my colleagues know over the walkie-talkie that a customer has lost something so if they later have a customer come back or call the store they can tell the customer that we have found what they  have lost and they can come pick it up when they next come to the store.

I’m so glad that there are people that don’t steal the important things that they find that someone might have lost. That there are still people that find important things that are lost they give the lost items to the lost and found located in that place. I once had my car keys fall out when I went to work one day. I actually worked from 8-4:30 that day and had no clue that I had lost my keys until I got to my car and looked for my keys so I could open my car door and go home. I ended up walking to the lost and found where I found out that a Good Samaritan had taken my keys. I was so glad that someone found my keys because I was really panicking that day. My mom actually planned on coming to pick me up and we would have gone to the dealership and ordered a new key but thankfully I found the keys and went home.

I don’t like taking things that aren’t mine, and I don’t usually do it. The only things that I have ever personally taken that weren’t mine were the spare change that I found that were on the floor in my fitting rooms. That is the only way that I believe in Finders, Keepers.

The only reason that I ever took pennies or other coins that I have found on the ground is because I was raised to believe that it was lucky if you found a lucky penny on the ground.

Finding a way to get some spare change or an extra dollar in your wallet always feels like a victory, but even finding something worth as little as a penny is gratifying. I once found a dollar but ended up giving it to one of my coworkers because he had told me that he was a little short on cash.

Based on one theory, human beings originally believed that pennies would bring them good luck because of religious values. Myths from prehistoric civilizations said that metals—like copper—were offerings from the Gods expected to save humans from evil. Plus, metal currency like pennies were linked to more wealth and thus more luck.

Sometimes we find pennies because our beloved family members or friends who have passed away are thinking of us and missing us. I remember one day I was at work and I kept finding pennies on the floor of one of my fitting rooms. Each time I checked that room there were a couple of pennies on the floor. I felt like either one of my two aunt’s that I had lost in the past two years was thinking of me.

The spiritual interpretation of finding pennies from heaven is that there is more to this world than what we can physically see. It is a sign from Heaven and of our beloved ones who have died. This evidence indicates that there is magic in the world we live in, and those that have gone to Heaven are still watching over us in a ethereal way; it’s their way of showing devotion and reminding us that they are still a part of our life.

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