I was just on a new friend’s blog today and for the month of August she made writing prompts for the 31 days and I chose to write about 15) That One Time! I hope y’all enjoy my narrative poem. Please comment and tell me your thoughts.

That one time, I checked my email only to find, that you wanted our marriage to end

Even though Father’s Day was a sacred day, your only thought was to make me a divorcée

As we sit here a couple of states apart, soon to divorce but still husband and wife
I can’t forget the vow that I made to love you for the rest of my life…
My last walk down memory lane makes my eyes fill up with tears
As I find us walking holding hands during our  happy years
I pass through our dating life in search of our “Wedding Day”
The bliss and devotion we had for each other makes me want to stay…

Especially since we walked our seven sacred steps together and you tied three knots on the Mangalsutra,

We exchanged our wedding rings and then you put toe rings on my toes in the land of the Kamasutra.

But in the coming future I know the best of us is yet to be
As I see you and our dreams of babies waiting there for me.
I hold you in my arms as our friends families start to grow
I feel my biological clock ticking …but I don’t want to go.
The journey of our married life together is ending here today
We’re going in varying directions, with nothing left to say.
The last stroll down memory lane finds me crying and alone
With nothing left but memories of our love and me waiting for a call from my lawyer’s phone.
August Writing Prompts