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You would think that people wouldn’t discriminate against others when we live in a country that believes in freedom of religion. Well before last month, I would have agreed with you if I wasn’t told to leave the place where I had been volunteering for about three years. I had been volunteering at the Hope Center for about three years for the last few months I started doing data entry volunteering. Everyone lived my hard work ethic and they loved that I would come two days a week to volunteer. Little did I know that my time was about to be up. One day one of ladies started talking to me about me converting and she also said some remarks that really hurt me: She said that stone gods are not real. Another day another lady said that Krishna wasn’t God and that really broke my heart. The next week two of the ladies asked to see me after my work was done and they said that because I wasn’t a Christian I couldn’t volunteer there anymore. They also told me some bs that they loved me. When I was applied to volunteer there I remember filling out Hindu on the religion part of the application so why did they let me volunteer for three years if they knew that I wasn’t a Christian?